[TCG] Return of Formal Play in the UK

New Playmats, New Mouse Pads, and New Field Centers

Good afternoon All,

We are pleased to announce the formal return of sanctioned play in the Official Tournament Store (OTS) Program! Please read this carefully and fully. Please note, instructions from your local authority will always supercede these rules, goverment advice and guidance may change and if this occurs, we will keep you informed and up to date.

Since April 2020, we have continuously monitored developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have closely evaluated and heeded the recommendations of government health authorities and experts. We take seriously our role in contributing to the overall health and safety of our colleagues, Official Tournament Store owners and staff, and the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG fan base. Jointly, we share a responsibility to prevent community spread of this virus by practicing social distancing and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this time of uncertainty.

We are formally confirming the return of in-store sanctioned events from Monday July 19th.

It is vital that you check the latest updates from your local authority for guidelines and limitations in place. For example, in England, there will be no limitations on indoor gatherings. Whereas in Scotland, there is an indoor gathering limit of 10 persons from no more than 4 households. We require that all safety measures are in place as a required minimum in order to host events, any additional measures to ensure safety are at your discretion and will be supported by us. Failure to comply with government guidelines may result in the immediate removal from the OTS Program of the OTS in question.

In further news, we are thrilled to announce the return of the ‘Back to Duel’ leagues. Starting with Season 1 Month 1, OTS’s may host leagues on a monthly basis starting from August 1st.

We hope this information is well received and is a positive step in the right direction to safely host in-store events again. We look forward to offering you more and more events and rewards in the near future. We are aware that the rules in England will not enforce mask wearing indoors, however the Goverment advice is for businesses to make their own decisions on mask wearing and the WHO are recommending the continued use of masks indoors for the foreseeable future. If you decide for the safety of your community to continue wearing masks in play spaces, we recommend informing your community early and often.

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