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[Duel Links] Transcend Game Part 2

Win new reward cards such as UR card “Constellar Meteor” and SR card “Constellar Zubeneschamali”, and unlock a new character.

Available until November 14 2019.

  • Event Flow
  • Event Information
  • Recommended Event Rewards


Event Flow 

1. Collect Neuron Gears

Obtain Neuron Gears by Dueling in Duel World or Ranked Duels.

2. Duel Unknown Duelist

Use Neuron Gears at the Gate to Duel Unknown Duelist.

In addition, Unknown Duelist will also appear in Duel World after a certain amount of time.

3. Receive Rewards by Dueling in the Event

Duel Unknown Duelist to obtains exclusive cards.

You can also obtain rewards such as Cards, Gems and Gold by accumulating Event Points.

Event Information 

Superconscious Duels 

Duels against Unknown Duelist will become Superconscious Duels, casting the following changes:

High-level monsters can be Summoned without Tribute.

Neuron Gears

*You can obtain a large amount of Neuron Gears by winning Duels.

When you obtain Neuron Gears, you receive an additional 10 Neuron Gears up to twice a day.

EX Jewels

Expiration Date: November 21 2019

*Please note that EX Jewels disappear once the opportunity to use them at the card trader ends.

Recommended Event Rewards 

Obtained with Event Points 

5,500,000pt – Constellar Meteor [UR]

700,000pt – Card Sleeves: Transcend Game Part 2

2,300,000pt – Game Mat: Transcend Game Part 2

6,500,000pt – Icon

Obtainable Duel Rewards

Constellar Zubeneschamali [SR]

Cubic Mandala [SR]

Constellar Algiedi [SR]

Constellar Virgo [R]

Constellar Aldebaran [R]

Constellar Star Cradle [R]

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