[OCG] “Dark Magician Girl” Special Card (Stainless Steel)

Japan really likes its lotteries, don’t they.

“Dark Magician Girl” Special Card (Stainless Steel) will go on sale on Konami Style

In commerence of 10000 Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Cards, Konami will be releasing a stainless steel card version of “Dark Magician Girl”. The card will be limited to a Konami Style lottery. In addition, only 10000 copies will be printed and they’ll all have serial numbers.

Maker / Konami
Scheduled Start Date / Late October 2019
Scheduled Arrival Date / Mid March 2020
Price / 10,000 Yen (sans Tax)
Set Contents /
– “Dark Magician Girl” Special Card (Stainless Steel)
– Acrylic Plate (Serial Number Engraved)
– Outer Case
– Stand Foot


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