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New Master Rule Erratas

There’s 10 cards, and the first involve Zones.
EDIT: Here’s more

First round is cards that generically say “field” or “Monster Zone”

Ground Collapse now says “Select 2 unused Main Monster Zones.”

Zany Zebra’s Monster Effect now says “Select 1 unused Main Monster Zone or Spell & Trap Zone.”
Its Pendulum Effect now also says “Select 1 unused Main Monster Zone or Spell & Trap Zone.”

Magical Hats now says “Choose 2 Spell/Trap Cards from your Deck and 1 monster in your Main Monster Zone. […] Set the chosen monster if it is face-up, and shuffle them in your Main Monster Zones. ”

“The Following Cards With Text that Used to Say ‘Monster Zone or Monster Card Zone’ Now Say ‘Main Monster Zone'”
-Ground Collapse
-Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon
-Needle Wall
-Numbing Grub in the Ice Barrier
-Zany Zebra

“The Following Card with Text that Used to Say ‘field’ Now Say ‘Main Monster Zone'”
-Shifting Shadows
-Wandering Mummy
-Magical Hats

Blasting Fuse now says “If the column this Set card is in is filled “, replacing the old OCG text of “If every card zone on your opponent and your side of the field in the same column as this card is filled”, because the Extra Monster Zone does not belong to a specific player until it’s been taken, but if you try to use Blast Fuse in a column with an Extra Monster Zone, that one must be filled as well. If you’re feeling a little bit confused by this, it’s okay, it’s a nuance of how the OCG words cards.

Darkness Approaches now says “Change that monster to face-down Defense Position”, finally ending the age-old hilarity of face-down Attack Position.

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