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[RD/KP09] Executie Up!

What has 500 DEF in Rush Duels anyways.

RD/KP09-JP052 エクスキューティー・アップ! Executie Up!
Normal Spell Card
[EFFECT] Choose 2 face-up monsters you control with different Types. During this turn, if you Tribute Summon in Attack Position, you can Tribute the chosen monsters as 2 Tributes. If you control a face-up monster (Level 6/500 DEF), inflict 800 damage to your opponent.


Options for this Card, at current:

Dolphin King Iruqua
Whirlwind Phantom Beast Pazuzu
Dragon Roll the Sushi Fairy
Ansler the Magical Swordsman
Executie Feena



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