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[SEVENS] Cards From Episode 18

Feel the beet.

ロイヤルデモンズ・ファンキー Royal Demon’s Funky
Level 6 LIGHT Fiend Effect Monster
During the turn this card is Normal Summoned, you can activate by sending the top card of your Deck to the Graveyard.
Effect: Choose 2 face-up Attack Position monsters your opponent controls. Until the end of the turn, the original ATK of one of those monsters [becomes equal to the total original ATK of both monsters], while the other’s original ATK becomes 0.

サンダービート・スネア Thunderbeet(le) Snare
Level 1 LIGHT Thunder-Type Normal Monster
ATK 500
DEF 500

サンダービート・バスドラ Thunderbeet(le) Bassdru
Level 3 LIGHT Thunder-Type Normal Monster
ATK 800
DEF 800

サンダービート・ハイハット Thunderbeet(le) Hihat
Level 2 LIGHT Normal Monster
ATK 600
DEF 600

Note: These cards are named after the Snare Drum, the Bass Drum, and the Hi-Hat, all parts of a Drum Kit.

サンダービート・ギフト Thunderbeet(le) Gift
Normal Spell Card
Requirement: Activate if you control a face-up monster (Level 4 or lower/Thunder-Type).
Effect: Inflict 500 damage x [The number of face-up monsters (Thunder-Type) you control]. During this turn, your monsters cannot attack.

嵐を呼ぶサンダービート Arashi wo Yobu Thunderbeet (Storm-Summoning Thunderbeet(le)s)
Normal Spell Card
Requirement: Activate if you control 3 face-up monsters (Level 4 or lower/Thunder-Type) you control.
Effect: Destroy all monsters on the opponent’s field. If a monster is destroyed by this effect, you cannot Normal or Special Summon monsters until the end of the turn.

サンダービート・ゲイン Thunderbeet(le) Gain
Normal Trap Card
Requirement: If you control a face-up monster (Thunder-Type), when your opponent’s monster that has more ATK than your LP declares an attack, you can activate.
Effect: Choose 1 monster your opponent controls, you gain LP equal to [the ATK of that monster].



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