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[Rush Duel / Deck Recipe] “Thunder Beat” Deck Recipe

Let’s Getta chance with some Dragons!

“Thunder Beat” Deck

Gather Thunder-Types on the field and activate powerful Spell Cards!

KEY POINT: A Thunder Deck whose key is activating their powerful Spell Cards!

Gather the Thunder monsters you need on your field, and activate powerful Spell Cards!

Even though their ATK is low, you can attack directly!! Meaning you can still deal a ton of damage!!

3 Thunder Beat Bassdru
3 Thunder Beat Highhat
3 Thunder Beat Snare
3 Thunder the Lightning
1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
3 Wicked Shadow – Dark Looker
2 Dragias the Striking Dragon
1 Shocklead Dragon
3 Faith Bird
3 The Flute of Calling Archfiend

3 Thunder Beat Gift
3 Storm-Calling Thunder Beat
1 Mountain
2 Inferno Dragon’s Heatflash

1 Thunder Beat Gain
2 Echoing Whispers


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