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[CIBR] Fire King Avatar Ganesha

On the tails of new Mermail support, it seems the Fire Kings have decided to bring out a new member as well as legacy support in Circuit Break!

CIBR-JP029 炎王獣 ガネーシャ En-Oh-Juu Ganesha (Fire King Avatar Ganesha)
Level 4 FIRE Beast-Warrior-Type Effect Monster
ATK 1800
DEF 200
You can only use the (1)st and (2)nd effects with this card name’s once per turn each.
(1) When a monster effect is activated, if you control this card (Quick Effect): You can negate that activation, and if you do, destroy 1 FIRE monster in your hand or that you control (other than this card).
(2) If this card is destroyed and sent to the GY: You can target 1 FIRE Beast/Beast-Warrior/Winged Beast monster in your GY, other than “Fire King Avatar Ganesha”; Special Summon it, but it has its effects negated (if any), also destroy it during the End Phase.


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