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[RDS] Story 2: “Excuties”

She’s an airheaded rich girl, she’s a biker with an attitude, together they fight crime!

“Rush Duel” Stories (2): Excutie

In Order To Protect World Peace, They Enforce Justice!!

[Excutie Scramble!]

Lumiere, who was entrusted with the super tech, “Extech” from a galaxy far far away, leads her comrades who have joined with her to defeat the evils that threaten their beautiful world.
“This is my Justice!!”

The Heiress Who Founded The Team

A megacorp heiress who loves the beauty of the world. She founded the “Excuties” using super technology she gained by random happenstance.

[Excutie Lumiere]

Scouting Potential Heroines From Across The Planet!

[Excutie Scout!]

Maids dispatched by the corporation search high-and-low for those who are likely to help the organization and report their findings back to “Lumiere”.

“Excuties” Assemble!

Girls who were scouted by “Lumiere” decided to dedicate themselves to the cause of world peace. Wearing equipment and gear suited to their specialties, they enforce justice.

[Excutie Fermi]

With her skills she cultivated as a gymnast, she uses jet engines to dart around, allowing her to toy with her enemies.

[Excutie Leir]

A serious minded girl who strongly admires the ideals of chivalry, her Extech Sword can cut through anything.

[Excutie Feena]

An energetic girl who uses her prowess in hand-to-hand combat to crush evil. Her fist, when boosted, can even shatter meteorites.

[Excutie Floa]

She deeply desired to become a wizard, and asked for broom-shaped equipment to be developed for her.

[Excutie Lilius]

A former motorcycle racer who was the fastest in aggressive cornering. She’s the organization’s vice commander.

[Excutie Ram]

A genius gamer girl who is known throughout the world. She’s in charge of searching for the enemy as well as general analysis.

[Excutie Lucy]

A genius who’s a leading authority in outer space related sciences, she’s in charge of Extech related research and development.

[Excutie Prouty]

The billboard girl of a flower shop who was scouted by the organization, she’s an introvert.

Revealed: The Splendid Days In The Lives Of The “Excuties”!

A Strategy Meeting After A Call For Back-Up!

[Excutie Emergency!]

In response to SOS calls coming from various areas and regions, “Lumiere” dispatches the organization members best suited for the job. The members struggling out on the field and “Lilius”, who supports them from the commander center, form one team to fight evil!

Capture The Ne’er-Do-Wells Who Commit Evil!

[Excutie Catch!]

Believing the “Excuties” sense of justice is absolutely in the right, “Floa” captures a group of ne’er-do-wells who have repeatedly committed crimes. Although most people seem to support the “Excutie”, some do seem to question their sense of justice.

Power Comes From Daily Effort!

[Excutie Up!]

When these ladies, who eat and sleep together, work as a team, their power increases several fold.

R&R Is Also Essential For A Maiden!

[Excutie Break!]

Off-duty members drink their favorite tea, play games, and other activities that vary depending on how old they are.

Reference Art

Reference Art for “Excutie Lumiere”

まあ! as in “oh my!”
and below the big DESUWA it says JUSTICE DESU WA (Note: This means “It’s Justice!/This is Justice!”), with the Desu wa indicating Lumiere basically sounds like a VERY VERY rich girl with near aristocratic vibes. Very posh upper class, with some possible airhead undertones.
Details of Lumiere’s spear (槍詳細). Ness notes the handwriting here is pretty chicken scratchy.

Reference Art for “Excutie Lilius”

炎のようなオーラ (Flame-like Aura)

上層部分リュミエルのデザインと合わせています (The upper layer of her outfit matches Lumiere’s design)

“The mant/cape follows the line under the shoulder pad(?)”,

(The question mark being theirs, not ours)

“The look of her eyes”

(Just the artist making a note that Lilius should have serious yet angry eyes)

“The outfit as a whole looks like a rider/biker suit”

Thanks to Evilader and Aura for Artwork and Text and Assistance

Thanks to Ness for help with the Reference Art

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