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[CIBR] Soldier Dragon

A new level 2 Dragon-Type monster in the style of Troop Dragon appears!

CIBR-JP032 兵隊竜 Soldier Dragon
Level 2 EARTH Dragon-Type Effect Monster
ATK 700
DEF 800
(1) Once per turn, when your opponent activates a card or an effect: You can Special Summon 1 Level 2 or lower Dragon-Type monster from your Deck.



Amorphage Gluttony
Amorphage Lechery
Troop Dragon
Flamvell Guard
Majestic Dragon
Galaxy-Eyes Cloudragon
Galaxy Serpent
Black Dragon’s Chick
Stardust Xiaolong
Stargrail’s Protector Dragon
T.G. Catapult Dragon
Decoy Dragon
Dragunity Aklys
Dragunity Corsesca
Dragunity Partisan
Dragunity Phalanax
Dragunity Brandistock
Dread Dragon
Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman
Dragon Buster Destruction Sword
Flamvell Dragnov
The Black Stone of Legend
Black Metal Dragon
Petit Dragon
The White Stone of Ancients
The White Stone of Legend
Rider of the Storm Winds
Magna Drago
Totem Dragon
Yamatano Dragon Scroll
Soldier Dragon
Sniffing Dragon
Anesvullet Dragon

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