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Yuri’s New Cards in ARC-V Chapter 31

Not confirmed for release for real life, but we bring this up each month regardless.

Predaplant Spider Orchid
Level 1 DARK Plant Pendulum Effect Monster
Pendulum Effect:
When this card is placed in the Pendulum Zone, destroy 1 Pendulum Card.

Starving Venemy Dragon
Level 7 DARK Dragon Fusion Pendulum Effect Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 2000
Pendulum Scale: 1
Pendulum Effect:
Once per turn, you can reduce one battle damage to zero. When a card leaves the field, place 1 Venemy Counter on all monsters on the field.
Monster Effect:
Once per turn, negate one monster effect and gain that effect. In addition, lower that monster’s ATK or DEF by 500 points, and inflict 500 in damage to your opponent. When this card is destroyed, you can place it in your Pendulum Zone. Venemy Counters reduce the ATK of monsters, other than “Starving Venemy” monsters, by 100 during a battle involving them.

Starving Venemy Lethal Dose Dragon
Level 8 DARK Fusion {???} Effect Monster
ATK 2800
DEF Unknown
Materials: 3 DARK monsters
Once per turn, you can negate the effects of all monsters your opponent controls. When a card leaves the field, place Venemy Counters on all monsters. When this card attacks, this card gains 100 ATK for each Venemy Counter on the field.

Lethal Dose is stated to be the “Ultimate Dragon created from fusing 3 Odd-Eyes”.


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