[OCG] The Rarity Collection

Introducing a reprint set for Japan and East Asia that lets players get their cards in high rarity foils, and just in time for New Years!
The Rarity Collection
December 20th, 2014
51 Cards
Each Pack is 1 Ultra Rare or higher card and 3 Super Rares
4 cards per Pack
15 Packs per Box

Included Rarities:
● Holographic Rare
● Extra Secret Rare
● Ultimate Rare
● Secret Rare
● Collector’s Rare
● Ultra Rare
● Super Rare

Sales Points:
● A special pack which includes popular cards in gorgeous fancy high rarity foils.
● Every card included is either Super Rare or higher in terms of rarity!
This is a chance for you to get your hands on popular and out-of-print cards in various rarities such as Collector’s Rare and Secret Rare!


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