[Duel Links] Campaigns Regarding World Championship 2023: Duel Links

Goodies…. goodies everywhere! Also, voting for who you think might win.

Predict the Champion and win stuff!

Vote to get 50 Gems + 5 Packs of Special Pack Vol. 05
If your guess is right, get 300 additional gems + 1 of UR and SR Ticket
Be the SSR Gacha character with very low pull chances to get 5000 Gems

Login bonus till 19th September (doesn’t need to be consecutive)
That gets you;
1. Character Unlock Ticket
2. UR Dream Ticket
3. Skill Ticket
4. 300 Gems
5. Prisma UR/SR Choice Ticket
6. 200 Gems

Another log-in campaign till the Championship
Log-in daily to get 50 Gems till August 6th for a total of 300 Gems

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