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[OCG] Remote Duel

Konami offering their own long distance Dueling suggestions.

Let’s Remote Duel!

Duel with friends and Duelists all across the country safely from home!
Let’s enjoy Dueling Together with a Web Camera!

What You Need:
• A PC or Tablet
• A Web Camera or Smartphone
(When using a Smartphone instead of a Web Camera, you’ll need an App.)
• A stand which the Web Camera can be place in or on (such as a Tripod or Arm)

※ You will also require an Internet connection.

What You Need To Duel With:
• Your Deck
• Your Playmat

Example of Installation

Geat Ready With Video Chatting Software
Please use the software or apps available for your PC or Tablet

Match Screen
When you are ready, verify the game screen.

Make sure you can clearly see your opponent’s field!

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