Cardfight Coalition

[OCG] Tournament Pack 2019 Volume 2

Featuring a number of cards reprinted to work with Decks being supported in the April to June bloc!

19TP-JP201 Number 46: Dragluon
19TP-JP202 Waterfall of Dragon Souls
19TP-JP203 Wynn the Wind Charmer
19TP-JP204 Victory Viper XX03

19TP-JP205 Fortune Lady Water
19TP-JP206 Kabutron
19TP-JP207 Mayosenju Daibak
19TP-JP208 Vision HERO Trinity

19TP-JP209 Arcanite Magician
19TP-JP210 T.G. Recipro Dragonfly
19TP-JP211 Swallow’s Nest
19TP-JP212 Fortune’s Future

19TP-JP213 Wonder Wand
19TP-JP214 Yosen Whirlwind
19TP-JP215 Tachyon Chaos Hole
19TP-JP216 Option Token


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