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[OCG] Three More Cards From SHVI

Two from the Twitter, one from the official commercial.
EDIT: Corrections made to the (2) effect of Nioudachi.


揺るがぬ絆 Yuruganu Kizuna (Unwavering Bonds)
Counter Trap Card
(1): When your opponent activates the card effect of a card in a Pendulum Zone or activates the effect of a Pendulum Monster: Negate that activation, and if you do, banish that card.


仁王立ち Nioudachi (Daunting Pose)
Normal Trap Card
You can only activate 1 “Daunting Pose” per turn.
(1) Target 1 Defense Position monster on the field; double that monster’s DEF, but when that turn ends, that monster’s DEF becomes 0.
(2) Banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 1 monster you control; during this turn, your opponent can only attack the target monster.


チューナーズ・ハイ Chuunaazu Hai (Tuner’s High)
Normal Spell Card
(1) Discard 1 monster from your hand; Special Summon 1 Tuner from your Deck that’s the same Type and Attribute as that monster, but that is 1 Level higher.


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