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The March 2018 V Jump Promo Announced

It’s a card that crosses ZEXAL and ARC-V together!

It’s called Kibou no Majutsushi (Hope Magician)

It’s a Rank 4 LIGHT Pendulum Xyz Monster

“Light Up Duels with this card that combines the power of two heroes.”

Yuya: “Let’s Entertainment Duel with a New Magician!”

Yuma: “Let’s bring it to ’em with the power of Utopia!!”

“Hope Magician”
A card that combines the power of “Yuya Sakaki” and “Yuma Tsukumo” at the same time!? A Pendulum Xyz Monster, this new magician appears that carries both of their power!

Next Issue, the V Jump June Mega Issue comes with an Xyz Pendulum Monster Card!!

Hope Magician

Of course it’s for Xyz Decks, but it also gets stronger in Decks centered around Pendulum Summoning! And since it’s a Rank 4, it can be used in a wide variety of Decks!

Yuya & Yuma: “This time it’s our turn!!”

Source: V Jump


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