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[Arc-V] First Look At Gongenzaka’s New Ace Monster

That will be featuring in Episode 26 and probably 25 (near the end)

Its name is Choujyuu Koujin Susano-O (So Superheavvy Koujin Susano-O)

Of note, most times 荒神 is read as Aragami, which refers to a powerful deity or spirit. Koujin itself refers to the deity “Sambou Koujin”, a god of fire, the hearth, and the kitchen and is sometimes referred to as the “God of the stove” as a result, and represents fire used as a creative force. The use of the stove reading might be because of the card’s mechanical nature on top of him looking like a tough guy.

Susano-O is obviously Susanoo, aka the inspiration for Susa Soldier and Bujintei Susanoo, and is one of the earlier heroes of Japanese folklore and myth, as well as being a god of storms and the sea, and is most well known for tricking and slaying the Yamata-no-Orochi.

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