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[EP19] OCG Names for Noble Knights

For those curious about that sort of thing.

EP19-JP045 Seikishi Pellinore (OCG: Holy Knight Pellinore/TCG: Noble Knight Pellinore)

EP19-JP046 Seikishi Iyvanne (OCG: Holy Knight Iyvanne/TCG: Noble Knight Iyvanne)

EP19-JP047 Seikishi Corneus (OCG: Holy Knight Corneus/TCG: Noble Knight Custennin)

EP19-JP048 Avalon no Majyo Morgan (OCG: Witch of Avalon, Morgan/TCG: Morgan, the Enchantress of Avalon)

EP19-JP050 Seiken Clarent (OCG: Holy Sword Clarent/TCG: Noble Arms – Clarent)

EP19-JP051 Seihai no Keishou (OCG: Heritage of the Holy Grail/TCG: Heritage of the Chalice)

EP19-JP052 Sieken no Michibiku Mirai (OCG: The Future Guided by the Holy Sword/TCG: Until Noble Arms are Needed Once Again)


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