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[OCG] “T.G.” and “Shiranui” Deck Experience Event

Its a chance for two Synchro favorites, old school and new school, to get their latest cards tested out.

From October 4th to October 12th, Konami will be running Deck Experience events throughout Japan where you can play half Decks of T.G. and Shiranui.

As per usual, players attending these events get to pick which Deck they want to play, and they’ll get a brief lecture on how the newest iterations of their Decks work.

Players attending get either a Playmaker & Cyberse Clock Dragon Token or a Sky Striker Ace Token each time they Duel the staff at the event.

Also attendees who purchase 1000 or more Yen worth of product get a Special Stock Case.

Also, noteworthy, the head image confirms the other “T.G.” from the mat is in Savage Strike, and it appears Shiranui Sensei may have a Synchro form too.



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