[Duel Links] Abyss Encounter Announced

The 10th Main Booster Box is announced, and this one is focused on a specific strategy.

The cover card for the set is “Water Dragon Cluster”, implying the set will have Misawa’s Legendary Duelist pack cards designed to make Water Dragon more usable.

One of the major focuses of Abyss Encounter is supporting “A Legendary Ocean” style Decks.

  • Sea Stealth Attack
  • Spined Gillman
  • Warrior of Atlantis
  • Abyss Soldier

Of note, for people unaware, “A Legendary Ocean” is a card you have to acquire via the Card Trader.

Also included are:

  • Citadel Whale
  • The Legendary Fisherman II

A release date for this Booster Box has yet to be announced.

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