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[Rush Duel] Gold Rush Challenge Pack

Let’s go full blast with a Gold Rush Challenge!

Gold Rush Challenge Pack

● Maker / KONAMI
● Product Contents:1 Card per Pack (10 Cards Total (2 Gold Rush Rares & 8 Super Rares)
● Release Period: January 29th While Supplies Last
● How To Obtain: For every 1000 Yen worth of “Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel” products you buy, you get 1 “Gold Rush Challenge Pack”.
※ Any combination of goods is fine
※ Used Goods, Over Seas Goods and Game Software OR Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game Goods are no-go
※ A total of 10 Packs per person

RD/GRC1-JP001 Sevens Road Witch

RD/GRC1-JP002 Illusion Strike Dragon Miragias

RD/GRC1-JP003 Swordsman of Roadstar

RD/GRC1-JP004 The☆Dragon

RD/GRC1-JP005 Valkyrian Sewkyrie

RD/GRC1-JP006 Romanpick

RD/GRC1-JP007 ハーピィ・レディ Harpie Lady
Level 4 WIND Winged Beast Normal Monster
ATK 1300
DEF 1400
(This human-shaped animal with wings is beautiful to watch but deadly in battle.)

砦を守る翼竜 Toride wo Mamoru Yokuryuu (Fortress-Protecting Wyvern/EN: Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1)
Level 4 WIND Dragon-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1400
DEF 1200
(A Dragon that protects mountain fortresses. It attacks its foes by diving from the sky.)
(EN: A dragon commonly found guarding mountain fortresses. Its signature attack is a sweeping dive from out of the blue.)

RD/GRC1-JP009 Hammer Crush (Dracrush Artwork)

RD/GRC1-JP010 Curtain of Sparks


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