[OCG] Secret Utility Box

OCG’s annual holiday set is here


-Releases December 24th 2022
-Contains the following:
-2 Secret Rare Special Blue Version Promo Cards (out of 12 total)
-4 Secret Utility Box Special Packs (10 cards per pack, out of 80 total)
-Duelist Card Protector (pack of 100, out of 6 possible designs)
-Plastic Field Center Card (1 out of 6 possible designs), can be used as a separator
-Special Plastic Card Case (1 out of 6 possible designs)
-Special Plastic Dice (1 out of 6 possible designs)
-Special Cardboard Storage Box (1 out of 6 possible designs)

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Number III, Eva is a master in the art of Blurography and a firm believer in not sleeping just to translate moonrunes for a card game.