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[Duel Links] Bonz’s Spooky Zombie Party

Bonz is back, and this time it goes about as poorly as expected for the little guy.

This event introduces an actual story line, of sorts. Basically Bonz returns, and ends up scaring one of the NPCs, a girl named Bella, who drops her card. Yugi and pals, naturally, go on a ghost hunt, as the girl claims a ghost with a terrifying face made her drop her card.

The event is a Duel-A-Thon with plot beats, where you keep Dueling to gain rewards each day with a cumulative goal.

  • 150 Points: 50 Gems (Plus Cutscene)
  • 400 Points: 5000 Gold (Plus Cutscene)
  • 800 Points: Ghostrick Stein
  • 1300 Points: 10000 Gold (Plus Cutscene)
  • 1900 Points: Unlock Bonz
  • 2500 Points: 15000 Gold
  • 3100 Points: Ghostrick Witch
  • 3700 Points: 100 Gems

The major rewards of note:

Unlocking Bonz himself as a playable, he brings with him support for the more “Gag” undead/horror themes, specifically the “Skull Servant”s and the “Ghostrick”.

King of the Skull Servant, a monster that can become very big based on the number of Skull Servants in your GY.

Also of note are:

  • Ghostrick Witch (SR)
  • Pumpking the King of Ghosts (UR)
  • Ghostrick Stein (SR)
  • Call of the Mummy (SR)
  • Ghostrick Vanish (R)

A basic premise with the Ghostrick cards you collect from him is to summon them with Call of the Mummy.

You score more points with non Standard Duelists, and the most by punching Bonz’s lights out

And beftting a Duel-a-Thon, certain Duels will multiply in reward value.

Bonz is a Duelist who specializes in Zombies, specifically ones that make the most of endless resurrection.

Use Castle of Dark Illusion and Pumpking the King of Ghosts in tandem together to create ever stronger monsters.

Keep in mind Bonz only appears in the DM version of Duel World for the event

If you use Bonz as a character, “Spooky Bonz”, his event variant, won’t show his face. Spooky Bonz is also not a Gate character, so keep that in mind for “Farming” him.

Duel World, in tandem with this event, now introduces a Nightime and Daytime cycle similar to Pokemon, and has no effect on the game at the moment other than aesthetic.

Spooky Bonz’s Specialized Drops:

  • Pumpking the King of Ghosts (UR)
  • Ryu Kokki (SR)
  • Castle of Dark Illusions (SR)
  • Ghostrick Stein (SR)
  • Ghostrick Witch (SR)
  • Call of the Mummy (SR)
  • Monster Rebone (SR)
  • Ghostrick Ghoul (R)
  • Ghostrick Mummy (R)
  • Ghostrick Skeleton (R)
  • Ghostrick Vanish (R)
  • Armored Zombie (N)
  • Crass Clown (N)
  • Skull Servant (N)

Starting Bonz Deck

1 Pumpking the King of Ghosts
3 Magical Ghost
2 Fire Reaper
2 Wood Remains
3 Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation
3 The Wandering Doomed
3 Phantom Ghost
3 Skull Servant

Level Up Rewatds

  • Level 3: Regenerating Mummy
  • Level 4: Straight to the Grave (Skill) (The Duel starts with “Wasteland” in play)
  • Level 7: Call of the Mummy
  • Level 10: Ghostrick Ghoul
  • Level 11: Ghostrick Mummy
  • Level 13: LP Boost Beta
  • Level 14: Regenerating Mummy
  • Level 16: Ghostrick Yeti
  • Level 18: Ryu Kokki
  • Level 20: Restart
  • Level 21: King of the Skull Servants
  • Level 23: Zombie World
  • Level 25: Immortal Ruler
  • Level 33: Ghostrick Scare
  • Level 35: Ghostrick Break
  • Level 38: Ghostrick Yukionna
  • Level 40: King of the Skull Servants

Unique Drops (In Progress)

Zombie Draw, a Zombie variant of the “Once you’ve lost 1800 LP, you can draw a X monster as your Normal Draw”.

We’ll update with Posthumous Army and anything else when we find out.

Also the end of the Yami Marik Returns event implies that normal Marik may show up in the near future, as Normal Marik seemingly sealed away Yami Marik


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