Beckoned Skull Archfiend and SPECIAL PACK 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION Vol.3

Debuting in the [SPECIAL PACK 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION Vol.3] is a new Synchro rendition of our favorite Archfiend!

Available on September 8th, 2018, his new 10-card set comes in a 1000 Yen pack, 2 cards per pack, for a limited time!  The featured new card this time is…

Beckoned Skull Archfiend
DARK LV6 Fiend/Synchro/Effect
ATK/2500 DEF/1200
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Monsters
Your opponent cannot target “Summoned Skull” you control with card effects.
If this Synchro Summoned card leaves the field because of your opponent’s card: You can Special Summon 1 “Summoned Skull” from your hand, Deck, or GY.
This card’s name becomes “Summoned Skull” while on the field, but it is still treated as an “Archfiend” card.

Source – Official Japanese Yugioh! News Website


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