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[TCG] English Name Erratas

Following from the PDF documents a few days ago, the Konami TCG Database has updated with the names of several cards related to Invasion: Vengeance. And Invasion: Vengeance does not condone faulty old naming schemes.

Frog the Jam, a classic McDonald’s Promotional Card, has been updated to Slime Toad, to prevent its interaction with Toadally Awesome and the rest of the “Frog” theme, of which it is not a member in Japan, which is the basis of the game.

The classic low level monster, Red-Eyes B. Chick, the Red-Eyes version of Kaibaman, has been renamed to Black Dragon’s Chick. This is to prevent further need of exception text, as the card was never a Red-Eyes card in Japan.

And the anti-Warrior card, Kinetic Soldier, has been renamed to Cipher Soldier, due to its interactions with the Cipher theme (i.e. It’s a member of the Cipher theme, again, overseas in Japan.)

As noted by the Database, none of these cards currently have been re-released with their updated names and the corrections lie solely on the Konami Database, which should be used to cite why you can’t search Frog the Jam with Toadally Awesome until the proper reprinting of the cards.

However, considering the TCG prefers “Play as written”, it would not be unlikely to expect these cards to be physically reprinted in the near future with their updated names.

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