[OCG] Stargrail-Bearing Priestess

  • A picture to go with the mysterious lore. EDIT: updated Stargrail into one word

Seihai o itadaku miko / Stargrail-Bearing Priestess
WATER Spellcaster
LV2 0/2100
“A priestess who offers requiem prayers to the celestial deity of the planet. The staff she has obtained is a ritual tool handed down through generations, used to guard the people of the forest from the rule of the Mechaknights by converting energy into barriers. Though she hides a mystical power within herself linking her to the forest’s guardian dragon, she is usually a kind girl who treasures her childhood friend and older brother.”

Note: 機界騎士 (kikai kishi) means literally Machine World Knights, but it could be taken as either a world of machines or possibly digital. The play on words is that the “kai” in “kikai” (machine) here has been replaced with the “kai” meaning “world”. (Mecha Knights is a placeholder until we can read the theme name obscured by the sample mark)

The 星神 (seishin) means literally Star Deity, but the rest of the lore vaguely sounds like a nod to the Duel Terminal World, where 星 often mean the planet of the DT setting. So.

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