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Konami’s Post TDIL Sample Dark Magician Deck

More about displaying the possibilities/basic premises of the Deck, instead of being tournament tier.


3 Dark Magician
3 Magician of Black Illusion
3 Magician’s Rod
2 Magician’s Robe
1 Dark Magician of Chaos
2 Breaker the Magical Warrior
2 Effect Veiler

3 Dark Magic Circle
2 Illusion Magic
1 Magic Expand
1 Dark Magic Attack
1 Dark Burning Magic Attack
1 Dedication through Light and Darkness
3 Magicial Dimension
2 The Eye of Timaeus
1 Monster Reborn

3 Magician’s Navigate
3 Eternal Soul
1 Dark Renewal
1 Black Illusion
1 Magic Cylinder
1 Mirror Force

2 Ebon Void Magician
2 Ebon Illusion Magician
1 Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon
2 Amulet Dragon
1 Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight
1 Red Dragon Archfiend Scarlight
1 PSY-Framelord Omega


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