[TDIL] Checklist

A list of names (but not our finalized names!)


TDIL-JP001 Performapal Bot-Eyes Lizard
TDIL-JP002 Performapal Gong Cat
TDIL-JP003 Performapal Extra Shooter
TDIL-JP004 Performapal Barrier Balloon Baku
TDIL-JP005 Performapal Rubber Mutton
TDIL-JP006 Performapal Bubbulldog
TDIL-JP007 Performapal Radish Horse
TDIL-JP008 Performapal Life Swordsman
TDIL-JP009 Acrobat Magician
TDIL-JP010 D/D Savant Thomas
TDIL-JP011 D/D Savant Nikola
TDIL-JP012 Blackwing – Tornado the Reverse Wind
TDIL-JP013 Blackwing – Gofu the Shadowy Haze
TDIL-JP014 Red Wolf
TDIL-JP015 Red Gardna
TDIL-JP016 Red Mirror
TDIL-JP017 Magician of Dark Illusion
TDIL-JP018 Magician’s Robe
TDIL-JP019 Magician’s Rod
TDIL-JP020 Master Piece, the True Dracoslayer
TDIL-JP021 Metalphosis Steeleren
TDIL-JP022 Metalphosis Silverbird
TDIL-JP023 Metalphosis Goldriver
TDIL-JP024 Metalphosis Wolflame
TDIL-JP025 Agnismazd Vanisher, the True Dracoking
TDIL-JP026 Dinomist Ankylos
TDIL-JP027 Tramid Dancer
TDIL-JP028 Tramid Hunter
TDIL-JP029 Tramid Master
TDIL-JP030 Tramid Sphinx
TDIL-JP031 Shiranui Sage
TDIL-JP032 Toon Dark Magician
TDIL-JP033 Scapeghost
TDIL-JP034 Block Dragon
TDIL-JP035 Amaterasu
TDIL-JP036 Black Dragon Ninja
TDIL-JP037 Magic Strider
TDIL-JP038 Electrifying Mustangun (Note: Stan and Stun sound the same in JPN)
TDIL-JP039 Totem Five
TDIL-JP040 Tuning Gum
TDIL-JP041 Wrecker Panda
TDIL-JP042 Fairy Tail – Shirayuki
TDIL-JP043 Metalphosis Adamante
TDIL-JP044 Metalphosis Orihalc
TDIL-JP045 Metalphosis Cardinal
TDIL-JP046 Nirvana High Paladin
TDIL-JP047 Assault Blackwing – Sayo the Rainshroud
TDIL-JP048 Assault Blackwing – Sohaya the May Rain
TDIL-JP049 Assault Blackwing – Onimaru the Divine Swell
TDIL-JP050 Red Dragon Archfiend Tyrant
TDIL-JP051 Coral Dragon
TDIL-JP052 Ebon Oblivion Magician
TDIL-JP053 Super Hippo Carnival
TDIL-JP054 Moonlight Perfume
TDIL-JP055 Frightfur Sanctuary
TDIL-JP056 Forbidden Dark Contract with the Swamp King
TDIL-JP057 Dark Magic Circle
TDIL-JP058 Illusion Magic
TDIL-JP059 Magic Expand
TDIL-JP060 Metamor Formation
TDIL-JP061 Metalphosis Fusion
TDIL-JP062 Tramid Fortress
TDIL-JP063 Tramid Cruiser
TDIL-JP064 Tramid King Golem
TDIL-JP065 Cosmic Cyclone
TDIL-JP066 Pot of Cupidity
TDIL-JP067 Semi-Magic Area
TDIL-JP068 Card of Soul
TDIL-JP069 Fusion Doom Waltz
TDIL-JP070 King Scarlet
TDIL-JP071 Magician’s Navigate
TDIL-JP072 Metalphosis Counter
TDIL-JP073 Metalphosis Combination
TDIL-JP074 Tramid Pulse
TDIL-JP075 Destruction Sword Reminsence
TDIL-JP076 Endless Trap Hole
TDIL-JP077 Premature Return
TDIL-JP078 Joining Forces
TDIL-JP079 Pendulum Hole
TDIL-JP080 Examination

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