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[Fake] World of Nightshroud

Following the breaking news of the next Collector’s Pack in the OCG, Maxut has brought some animu-card news that was rumoured to be from the TCG counterpart of said pack…

From this pic, we can notice from the top-left:

On each side:

And in the middle:

The product seemed to be called World of Nightshroud, the dub name for the final boss of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. That being the case, this might be a picture of the TCG product.

Image Source: Maxut –

Update: Upon checking into sources, we have confirmed that this picture is in fact a work of fiction, and if there is a product in the future with these cards, this is not it.

We apologize for any confusion this has caused to the players. Maxut has always been a very credible source, so we ignore our ‘two source policy’ when involving him.

As an aside, we also apologize to any foreign readers who were confused by our source link. The original picture is from Starlight, not the confirmation of falsity. The illegitimacy is coming from our own sources.

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