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[TCG] Various Products

We have a few things here…

Premium Collection Value Box
Release Date: January 2014

Comes with:
– 2012 Premium Tin
– 1 Pack of Order of Chaos
– 2 Packs of Photon Shockwave
– 2 Packs of Battle Pack 1: Epic Dawn

Astral Pack 4 comes out February 2014

Primal Origin is slated for TCG release in May 2014

Star Pack 2 Beginner’s Kit

This is a different take at a Beginner’s item for YGO. Instead of focusing on the game play, it provides everything a new YGO fan needs to start his collection of Star Pack 2 cards.

Comes with:
– Simple 9-pocket binder
– 3 Star Pack 2 Boosters
– complete Star Pack 2 card gallery
– Duel Guide.


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