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[TCG] The Last Chapter…

…of the Noble Knights.

Apparently, there will be a new Spell Card in the upcoming $50 Structu- erm, the Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set, called “The Last Chapter of the Noble Knights”. Read about it here!

Approximate effect description, taken from the above article:

“Last Chapter of the Noble Knights is a Normal Spell you can activate when your opponent controls at least one monster and you don’t. It targets 1 “Noble Arms” Equip Spell in your Graveyard and 1 “Noble Knight” monster in your Graveyard that can be equipped with that Spell. When it resolves, you Special Summon that monster and equip it with the Equip Spell. You can only activate one Last Chapter of the Noble Knights per turn, but that’s the only limitation.” – Konami


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