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[TCG] The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack List

All names (Rarities are all the same)

All Cards Ultra Rare

MVP1-EN001 Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
MVP1-EN002 Kaiser Vorse Raider
MVP1-EN003 Assault Wyvern
MVP1-EN004 Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon
MVP1-EN005 Deep-Eyes White Dragon
MVP1-EN006 Pandemic Dragon
MVP1-EN007 Dragon’s Fighting Spirit
MVP1-EN008 Chaos Form
MVP1-EN009 Induced Explosion
MVP1-EN010 Counter Gate
MVP1-EN011 Krystal Avatar
MVP1-EN012 Sentry Soldier of Stone
MVP1-EN013 Marshmacaron
MVP1-EN014 Berry Magician Girl
MVP1-EN015 Apple Magician Girl
MVP1-EN016 Kiwi Magician Girl
MVP1-EN017 Silver Gadget
MVP1-EN018 Gold Gadget
MVP1-EN019 Dark Magic Veil
MVP1-EN020 Magical Contract Door
MVP1-EN021 Dimension Reflector
MVP1-EN022 Dig of Destiny
MVP1-EN023 Dimension Sphinx
MVP1-EN024 Dimension Guardian
MVP1-EN025 Dimension Mirage
MVP1-EN026 Dark Horizon
MVP1-EN027 Metamorphortress
MVP1-EN028 Magicians’ Defense
MVP1-EN029 Final Geas
MVP1-EN030 Metalhold the Moving Blockade
MVP1-EN031 Spiritual Swords of Revealing Light
MVP1-EN032 Vijam the Cubic Seed
MVP1-EN033 Dark Garnex the Cubic Beast
MVP1-EN034 Blade Garoodia the Cubic Beast
MVP1-EN035 Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth
MVP1-EN036 Geira Guile the Cubic King
MVP1-EN037 Vulcan Dragni the Cubic King
MVP1-EN038 Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor
MVP1-EN039 Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord
MVP1-EN040 Crimson Nova Trinity the Dark Cubic Lord
MVP1-EN041 Cubic Karma
MVP1-EN042 Cubic Wave
MVP1-EN043 Cubic Rebirth
MVP1-EN044 Cubic Mandala
MVP1-EN045 Unification of the Cubic Lords
MVP1-EN046 Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon
MVP1-EN047 Clear Kuriboh
MVP1-EN048 Celtic Guard of Noble Arms
MVP1-EN049 Gandora-X the Dragon of Destruction
MVP1-EN050 Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight
MVP1-EN051 Lemon Magician Girl
MVP1-EN052 Chocolate Magician Girl
MVP1-EN053 Palladium Oracle Mahad
MVP1-EN054 Dark Magician
MVP1-EN055 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
MVP1-EN056 Dark Magician Girl
MVP1-EN057 Slifer the Sky Dragon


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