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[TCG] TDIL product advertisement

With this announcement, we have confirmation that the TCG World Premieres will be continuing with 2 new themes!

The Dark Illusion is introducing a total of four new themes to the TCG:

Metalfoes (formerly translated as Metalphosis), the theme of Psychic-Type Pendulum Monsters centered on Fusion Summoning and self-destruction.

Triamids (formerly translated as Tramids), the theme of Rock-Type monsters centered on cycling through various Field Spells to fit the situation.

Shambhala (?), a new theme of “colossal giants made from living rock, who use their gigantic stats and awesome effects in a never-ending war against Shambhala, the hidden city of mysteries!”

SPYRAL, a new theme of “a secretive organization using its super-spies and high-tech devices to control the field.”

A few of the Dark Magician-related cards have had their official English names revealed to be Magician Navigation, Dark Magical Circle, Magician of Dark Illusion, Magician’s Robe, Magician’s Rod, and Toon Dark Magician.

Source: MystikX of NeoArkCradle

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