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[TCG] Some SHVI Info

Chiefly the Promo and the Check List


The Promo is “Magical Cavalry of Cxulub“.


The Mat is Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, and based on the Check List, the World Premieres and former OCG cards being imported are the following kinds:

SHVI-EN000 = Pendulum Effect Monster
SHVI-EN081 = Spell Card
SHVI-EN082 = Effect Monster
SHVI-EN083 = Effect Monster
SHVI-EN084 = Effect Monster
SHVI-EN085 = Effect Monster
SHVI-EN086 = Trap Card
SHVI-EN087 = Effect Monster
SHVI-EN088 = Effect Monster
SHVI-EN089 = Spell Card

SHVI-EN090 = Effect Monster
SHVI-EN091 = Effect Monster
SHVI-EN092 = Spell Card
SHVI-EN093 = Effect Monster
SHVI-EN094 = Effect Monster
SHVI-EN095 = Spell Card
SHVI-EN096 = Synchro Monster
SHVI-EN097 = Synchro Monster
SHVI-EN098 = Spell Card
SHVI-EN099 = Fusion Monster


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