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[TCG] SHVI World Premieres and Imports (In Spanish!)

Of course the Spanish Checklist is out first.


SHVI-SPXXX Spanish Name (Placeholder TCG Name)
SHVI-SP081 Llamando al Ganado (Calling the Cattle)
SHVI-SP082 Leon Miedoso Kozmo (Kozmo Cowardly Lion)
SHVI-SP083 Dama Oscura Kozmo (Kozmo Darklady)
SHVI-SP084 Caminante Kozmo (Kozmo Walker)
SHVI-SP085 Planeta Oscuro Kozmo (Kozmo Dark Planet)
SHVI-SP086 Kozmolamento (Kozmolament)
SHVI-SP087 Rey Trueno, el Kaiju del Golpe del Rayo (Thunder King, the Lightning Strike Kaiju)
SHVI-SP088 Super Maquina de Guerra Anti-Kaiju Mecha-Dorogan (Super Anti-Kaiju War Maachine Mecha Dorogan)
SHVI-SP089 Los Expendientes Secretos Kaiju (The Kaiju (X-)Files OR The Classified Kaiju Files)*
SHVI-SP090 Cuben (Cuben)
SHVI-SP091 Campeon Mundial Zanahoriapesado (Carrotweight World Champion)
SHVI-SP092 Isla del Rey de Fuego (Fire King Island)
SHVI-SP093 Dragon Planetario de la Estrella Enana (Dwarf Star Dragon Planetar)
SHVI-SP094 Engranaji-Ancla (Geargianchor)
SHVI-SP095 Cambio Engranaji (Geargiachange)
SHVI-SP096 Dragon Divino Sifr de Polvo de Estrellas (Stardust Divine Dragon Sifr)
SHVI-SP097 Ardiente Dragon Rojo Archidemonio Rey Calamidad (Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity)
SHVI-SP098 Sacerdotisa de Azules Ojos (Priestess with Eyes of Blue)
SHVI-SP099 Dragon Explosivo de Ojos Azules de Dos Cabezas (Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon)

* This card’s name is almost a near match for the Spanish title of The X-Files: “Los Expedientes Secretos X”

And no one complain about names being changed from the one’s we’re providing here. We’re guessing.


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