[TCG] Mystic Fighters Yu-Gi-Oh! Day

Use new the Mystic Fighters themes to get swag.

November 23rd to 24th, 2019

Top Place winner gets a playmat of the Dragonmaid series

Top 8 in the event get a FIeld Center Card of the Deck’s boss monster, TCG name unknown.

If you use 10 or more Mystic Fighter cards, the following can occurs:

“In addition to standard Deck building rules, for this event, Duelists are encouraged to use cards from the brand new booster set, Mystic Fighters. Duelists who play at least ten (10) cards available inĀ Mystic Fighters (including reprints) in their Deck, has the chance to win a Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Mouse Pad! This Mouse Pad will be awarded to the highest ranked Duelist , after the conclusion of the last round of Swiss.”

For more information, please check out Konami’s FAQ.




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