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[TCG] More Info on the 200th YCS

Specifically about more perks and a Special Guest.

Participants who enter the event not only get the following playmat, but the following Field Center Card


Field Center Card:

Also, the entry fee for the event is $20.00 Dollars as per usual, and gets you a headband of Kuribohs

Also, exclusive to the 200th YCS is the very limited edition “Divine Attribute Dice”, which you can only get by turning your Deck List on Friday before the event

Also, finally, Darren Dunstan, the English language voice actor for Maximillion Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters, will on hand for autograph sessions whose time schedule can be checked out as the official FAQ.

And at the same event will be the Ultimate Pegasus Challenge where the rules of Duel Monsters will change on the fly in the middle of Duels (likely with Mr. Dunstan announcing the changes as Pegasus.)


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