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[TCG] Legendary Decks 2 Spoiler List

Covering these three “What if” Decks. “What if” ¬†Yugi didn’t lose Exodia. “What if” we saw Kaiba keep dueling even into the present. “What if” Joey took up Geminis?


LDK2-ENS04 Dark Burning Attack (Secret Rare)
LDK2-ENS05 Dark Burning Magic (Secret Rare)
LDK2-ENS06 Eternal Soul (Secret Rare)
LDK2-ENT01 Token (Yami Yugi & Dark Magician) (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENT02 Token (Seto Kaiba & Blue-Eyes White Dragon) (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENT03 Token (Joey Wheeler & Red-Eyes B. Dragon) (Ultra Rare)


LDK2-ENY01 The Legendary Exodia Incarnate (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENY02 Ties of the Brethren (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENY03 Obliterate!!! (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENY04 Exodia the Forbidden One
LDK2-ENY05 Right Arm of the Forbidden One
LDK2-ENY06 Left Arm of the Forbidden One
LDK2-ENY07 Right Leg of the Forbidden One
LDK2-ENY08 Left Leg of the Forbidden One
LDK2-ENY09 Exodia Necross
LDK2-ENY10 Dark Magician (Anime Artwork)
LDK2-ENY11 Dark Magician Girl (Standard Artwork)
LDK2-ENY12 Buster Blader
LDK2-ENY13 Silent Magician LV8
LDK2-ENY14 Silent Magician LV4
LDK2-ENY15 The Tricky
LDK2-ENY16 Big Shield Gardna
LDK2-ENY17 Magician’s Valkyria
LDK2-ENY18 Blast Magician
LDK2-ENY19 Blockman
LDK2-ENY20 Marshmallon
LDK2-ENY21 Sangan
LDK2-ENY22 Gold Sarcophagus
LDK2-ENY23 Swords of Revealing Light
LDK2-ENY24 Magical Dimension
LDK2-ENY25 Magicians Unite
LDK2-ENY26 Tricky Spell 4
LDK2-ENY27 Thousand Knives
LDK2-ENY28 Dark Magic Attack
LDK2-ENY29 Contract with Exodia
LDK2-ENY30 Messenger of Peace
LDK2-ENY31 Dark Factory of Mass Production
LDK2-ENY32 Monster Reincarnation
LDK2-ENY33 Secret Village of the Spellcasters
LDK2-ENY34 Pot of Duality
LDK2-ENY35 Mirror Force
LDK2-ENY36 Magical Hats
LDK2-ENY37 Magic Cylinder
LDK2-ENY38 Magician’s Circle
LDK2-ENY39 Backup Soldier
LDK2-ENY40 Gravity Bind
LDK2-ENS01 Slifer the Sky Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENS02 Obelisk the Tormentor (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENS03 The Winged Dragon of Ra (Ultra Rare)


LDK2-ENK01 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Anime Artwork)
LDK2-ENK01 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Tablet Artwork)
LDK2-ENK01 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Artwork)
LDK2-ENK02 Dragon Spirit of White
LDK2-ENK03 Kaibaman
LDK2-ENK04 The White Stone of Legend
LDK2-ENK05 The White Stone of Ancients
LDK2-ENK06 Maiden with Eyes of Blue (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENK07 Protector with Eyes of Blue
LDK2-ENK08 Master with Eyes of Blue
LDK2-ENK09 Battle Ox
LDK2-ENK10 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
LDK2-ENK11 Vorse Raider (Standard Artwork)
LDK2-ENK12 Alexandrite Dragon
LDK2-ENK13 Blade Knight
LDK2-ENK14 Ancient Lamp
LDK2-ENK15 Tiger Dragon
LDK2-ENK16 Kidmodo Dragon
LDK2-ENK17 King of the Swamp
LDK2-ENK18 Rider of the Storm Winds
LDK2-ENK19 Burst Stream of Destruction
LDK2-ENK20 Beacon of White
LDK2-ENK21 Mausoleum of White
LDK2-ENK22 Polymerization
LDK2-ENK23 Enemy Controller
LDK2-ENK24 Shrink
LDK2-ENK25 Silent Doom
LDK2-ENK26 The Melody of Awakening Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENK27 Ancient Rules
LDK2-ENK28 Trade-In
LDK2-ENK29 Where Arf Thou?
LDK2-ENK30 Pot of Dichotomy
LDK2-ENK31 Fusion Substitute
LDK2-ENK32 Unexpected Dai
LDK2-ENK33 Negate Attack
LDK2-ENK34 Final Attack Orders
LDK2-ENK35 Shadow Spell
LDK2-ENK36 Cloning
LDK2-ENK37 Fusion Reserve
LDK2-ENK38 Jar of Avarice
LDK2-ENK39 Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
LDK2-ENK40 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENK41 First of the Dragons


LDK2-ENJ01 Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Dark Beginnings Artwork)
LDK2-ENJ02 Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon
LDK2-ENJ03 Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning
LDK2-ENJ04 Red-Eyes Retro Dragon
LDK2-ENJ05 The Black Stone of Legend (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENJ06 Black Metal Dragon
LDK2-ENJ07 Axe Raider
LDK2-ENJ08 Alligator’s Sword
LDK2-ENJ09 Baby Dragon
LDK2-ENJ10 Jinzo
LDK2-ENJ11 Goblin Attack Force
LDK2-ENJ12 Gearfried the Iron Knight
LDK2-ENJ13 Rocket Warrior
LDK2-ENJ14 Blue Flame Swordsman
LDK2-ENJ15 Time Wizard
LDK2-ENJ16 Phoenix Gearfried
LDK2-ENJ17 Gemini Summoner
LDK2-ENJ18 Blazewing Butterfly
LDK2-ENJ19 Dark Valkyria
LDK2-ENJ20 Command Knight
LDK2-ENJ21 Valkyrian Knight
LDK2-ENJ22 Keeper of the Shrine
LDK2-ENJ23 Inferno Fire Blast
LDK2-ENJ24 Red-Eyes Fusion
LDK2-ENJ25 Cards of the Red Stone
LDK2-ENJ26 Polymerization
LDK2-ENJ27 Salamandra
LDK2-ENJ28 Scapegoat
LDK2-ENJ29 Foolish Burial
LDK2-ENJ30 Roulette Spider
LDK2-ENJ31 Supervise
LDK2-ENJ32 Mystical Space Typhoon
LDK2-ENJ33 Symbols of Duty
LDK2-ENJ34 Return of the Red-Eyes (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENJ35 Red-Eyes Spirit
LDK2-ENJ36 Kunai with Chain
LDK2-ENJ37 Call of the Haunted
LDK2-ENJ38 Torrential Tribute
LDK2-ENJ39 Burst Breath
LDK2-ENJ40 Curse of Anubis
LDK2-ENJ41 Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENJ42 Archfiend Black Skull Dragon
LDK2-ENJ43 Alligator’s Sword Dragon

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