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[TCG] (KDE/YGO)Tournament Policies and Penalty Guidelines have been updated!

Must read:

KDE Tournament Policy.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Policy.
Penalty Guidelines.

Noteworthy Changes include
“Duelists may choose to put their Extra Deck in sleeves that are different from the sleeves in their Main and Side Decks. All other sleeve rules still apply for the Extra Deck.”

“If cards and/or sleeves have a manufacturing defect or other instance of wear or marking, that is identical
on all cards and/or sleeves in the Main or Side Deck, the cards and/or sleeves are not considered to be

“The use of electronic and/or vapor cigarettes is not permitted on the tournament floor, or in areas designated for tournament attendees.”

Also a line added to all 3 documents first page that say there are 3 docs and you should read them all.

Interestingly enough, they’ve also not changed the part that says ‘The Forbidden/Limited List updates only twice per year’. We believe this is due to the Judge Manager not being aware of any changes to their frequency, as she is the one who writes these. We’ll just have to find out in six weeks!

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