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[TCG] EU Differences for Premium Gold

There’s some differences in how these packs are packaged for the EU…

Premium Gold for European (Non-English?) Territories will contain 10 cards per pack, instead of the US’ 15.

Each box contains 1 Booster with 10 cards, 4 Secret Gold Rares & 6 Gold Rares

This differs from the English configuration.

– Basic configuration: box product with 5 boxes per display and 10 displays per carton; box has same style as Gold Series 5 Haunted Mine, not Tin (both in the US and EU)
– 90 card set, 58 Gold Rares and 32 Secret Gold Rares; Secret Gold Rare is a new type of rarity which debuts in this product.
– First product ever released in Europe which contains only Gold Rare cards (including Secret Gold Rares)
– Contains 28 new cards, never before released in Europe
– The remaining cards are reprints of the most popular Gold Rares of previous Gold Series products and iconic cards which have never before been released as a Gold Rare card.
– This is the first Gold Series style product, which is not Hobby Exclusive.
– This product provides a much bigger high incentive for repeat purchase than previous spring holiday products because of the larger set size and randomised content.



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