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[TCG] Early Movie Pack Leaks

Via Side Events from the European World Championship World Qualifiers

The core 45 Cards appear to be in so I’ll be focusing on Imports until we can get someone who would be willing to use a Camera or Transcribe the English Names for cards

Image 1

Movie version of Dark Magician, offered in Japan as a promo for a major Curry chain.

Image 2

Mahad, Lemon Magician Girl, “Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight” (Org Name)

Image 3

“Choco Magician Girl” (Org Name)

Image 4

Slifer the Sky Dragon (May 2016 V Jump Alt Art), Dark Magician Girl (Alt Art for Magician Girl Playmat Order in Japan)

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“Clear Kuriboh”

Image 6

Gandora X is in.

Image 7

Celtic Guard of Noble Arms is the last import.

Source: Silver-Cards and Others


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