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[TCG] Dragons of Legend Box Art

And with it, some cards are confirmed!

– Disciple of Ra
– Guardian Dreadscythe
– Legendary Knight Timaeus
– Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight

Interestingly, Ideal808 had the following tags listed on their blog:
– Amulet Dragon, Big Bang Blow, Big Bang Dragon Blow, Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, Doom Virus Dragon, Dragons of Legend, Goddess Bow, Legend of Heart, Legendary Knight Critias, Legendary Knight Hermos, Legendary Knight Timaeus, Mirror Force Dragon, Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword, Rocket Hermos Cannon, Timaeus the Knight of Destiny, Time Magic Hammer, Tyrant Burst Dragon, Tyrant Wing, Yugioh



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