[TCG] Details on MCM Comic Con London

Including meeting two of the English Version Voice Actors and getting a sweet mat.

First off, Eric Stuart (Voice of Seto Kaiba) and Dan Green (Voice of Yugi Muto) will be at MCM Comic Con London for European fans attending the event there.

As well, Konami will be handing out an Exclusive Play Mat at the event, featuring the two most legendary Duelists in the franchise, Yugi and Kaiba.

(And also suggest it’s a perfect time to get the mat signed)

The mat itself costs 25 Pounds to purchase.

There will also be a booth/area for people to casually attend and come around, and pick up product, such as the new mat.

And, finally, the location will be home to YCS London 2017

The YCS will be held on the 28th and 29th of October, which is obviously, the Saturday and Sunday of the event.

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