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[TCG] A Partial Sneak Peek at the SPYRALs

Konami staff at the European World Championship Qualifier dropped some hints and the artwork of the SPYRALs!


“This guy is kinda the main hero of the deck”
“He rewards you for using information correctly”
“He beat Stratos up in a bar fight”
“Other cards revolve around this particular card”


“Machine Duplication is bananas with this card”
“There’s an omission of once per turn on this card on purpose”
“Works very well at making sure your agent never goes unprepared into the field”
“If you’re playing SPYRAL, you’re going to want multiples of this card.”
“Not a secret rare”


“Very very powerful card”
“Doesn’t just work with the agent”
“There is a forbidden card with a similar effect”
“You know when the hero in the movie sets off a giant explosion and you’re not sure if he comes out alive? Suddenly he drives out of the smoke in his sports car and off into the sunset. That’s what this card is like.”


“Works very well with your agent”
“Gives you information and lets you manipulate that information in limited amounts”
“Can give you surprise bonuses that catch your opponent off-guard”
“You’ll want to get into a habit of playing this card before you play your agent, because it will make your agent significantly better if you know what is coming up”

European WCQ Stream

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