[OCG] Official Chinese Starter Pack 1

60 various “basic” cards for Chinese speaking areas

SP01-TC001 Summoned Skull
SP01-TC002 Gogiga Gagagigo
SP01-TC003 Hyozanryu
SP01-TC004 Blazing Inpachi
SP01-TC005 Tune Warrior
SP01-TC006 Water Spirit
SP01-TC007 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
SP01-TC008 Black Tyranno
SP01-TC009 Jinzo
SP01-TC010 Kaiser Glider
SP01-TC011 Luminous Soldier
SP01-TC012 Airknight Parshath
SP01-TC013 Goblin Attack Force
SP01-TC014 Spear Dragon
SP01-TC015 Rose, Warrior of Revenge
SP01-TC016 Giant Rat
SP01-TC017 Exiled Force
SP01-TC018 Jar Turtle
SP01-TC019 Hayabusa Knight
SP01-TC020 Mine Golem
SP01-TC021 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
SP01-TC022 Herald of Orangle Light
SP01-TC023 Old Vindictive Magician
SP01-TC024 Giant Germ
SP01-TC025 Nimble Momonga
SP01-TC026 Penguin Soldier
SP01-TC027 The Unhappy Maiden
SP01-TC028 Ancient Lamp
SP01-TC029 Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh
SP01-TC030 Grenosaurus
SP01-TC031 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth
SP01-TC032 Magical Android
SP01-TC033 Heavy Storm
SP01-TC034 Lightning Vortex
SP01-TC035 Monster Reincarnation
SP01-TC036 Ancient Rules
SP01-TC037 Swing of Memories
SP01-TC038 Book of Moon
SP01-TC039 Rush Recklessly
SP01-TC040 Emergency Provisions
SP01-TC041 United We Stand
SP01-TC042 Malevolent Nuzzler
SP01-TC043 Gaia Power
SP01-TC044 Luminous Spark
SP01-TC045 Solidarity
SP01-TC046 The A. Forces
SP01-TC047 Torrential Tribute
SP01-TC048 Bottomless Trap Hole
SP01-TC049 Jar of Greed
SP01-TC050 Needle Ceiling
SP01-TC051 Draining Shield
SP01-TC052 Justi-Break
SP01-TC053 Secret Barrel
SP01-TC054 Dark Coffin
SP01-TC055 Birthright
SP01-TC056 Mask of Restrict
SP01-TC057 Ordeal of a Traveler
SP01-TC058 Negate Attack
SP01-TC059 Seven Tools of the Bandit
SP01-TC060 Solemn Judgment

Source: http://www.nwbbs.com/thread-821284-1-1.html

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