Power Pro Mobile Games Lottery Yu-Gi-Oh! Goods

What, did you expect them to go on sale?

Power Pros’s mobile game and Yu-Gi-Oh! are doing a collaboration as previously noted.

To celebrate, “Dark Magician Girl” is being released as a figurine in the Power Pros art style, as well as Collab Duelist Card Protectors as prizes!

10 Lucky Lottery Winners:

Dark Magician Girl Figure

A 20 cm Figurine
By clearing Daily Missions each day you’ll be able to get a lottery ticket, and by clearing all missions you can get 10 chances.

1000 People will get a 70 Sleeves by clearing certain Daily Missions. Yugi is January 18th to 23rd; Kaiba is January 23rd to February 2nd. Exclusive to people living in Japan.


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