Taka Corp Studio’s Millennium Puzzle and Slifer the Sky Dragon

Do you have nearly a thousand dollars?

From Ravegrl:

Taka Corp Studio unveiled its newest Yu-Gi-Oh! creation — a resin Millennium Puzzle — this past weekend at TGS: Toulouse Occitanie Game Show, an annual pop culture convention in Toulouse, France. The sculpture is a life-size, 1/1 scale replica and will be available for preorder in early 2022.

This Millennium Puzzle has been a long time coming. Taka Corp announced its interest in creating the Puzzle back in July 2019, the same time it unveiled its Exodia bust statue. The company finished the Puzzle’s 3-D sculpt and sent it off for approval in October 2020.

At TGS, Taka Corp also displayed its Yami Yugi with Slifer the Sky Dragon statue, which retails for €799 (about $910).

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