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[Duel Links] Monster World Event Announced

From Weekly Shonen Jump

A New Duel Event based on the “Monster World” Role Playing Game that Yami Bakura rules over. Beat the various areas to obtain prizes and defeat Zorc!

Clear Areas, and fight monsters with Dice! Battle monsters with Dice to obtain Decks and Items. As you clear areas, you’ll Level Up, gaining HP and Stamina.

Besides Dice, there are items you can obtain to improve your battles against monsters.

Duel the Area Boss using a Deck obtained in the Event! At the end of each area is a boss who specializes in Dueling rather than Dice Battles. Choose the right Deck and know how to play it in order to beat the Area Boss!

Noteworthy cards to obtain from the event include “Skilled White Magician” and “Dark Master – Zorc”!


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