[Duel Links] Structure Deck: Dragonic Knights

A new Structure Deck designed to work with Chazz’s inexplicable Dragonic Fusion Skill.

1 Arkbrave Dragon (SR)
1 Darkblaze Dragon (R)
1 Dragonic Knight (R)
1 Dragon Knight of Creation (R)
1 Evilswarm Zahak (R)
2 Lancer Dragonute (R)
3 Paladin of Felgrand (R)
1 Spirit Ryu (R)

1 Strike of the Monarchs (R)
1 Synchro Boost (R)
1 Trials & Tribulations (R)
1 Release Restraint Wave (R)
1 Lighten the Load (N)

2 Castle of Dragon Souls (R)
1 Reverse Glasses (R)


NeoArkadia is the mysterious Number 2 of the Organization.